Faith and Values

sm chChildren participate in daily religious classes where Christian values are emphasized and the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church are studied. Students attend Mass one day a month, on holy days of obligation and other special occasions.

Research shows that catholic schools:

  • Foster a Catholic identity and values
  • Provide a safe, disciplined environment
  • Support a climate where it is important to study and excel
  • Motivate students to learn
  • Encourage parents to participate in their child's education
  • Promote moral development
  • Honor religious and cultural traditions
  • Foster a lifelong commitment to community service and respect for others
  • Experience fewer drug and alcohol problems 


"A child's first experience at school can put into motion a lifelong love of learning.  Both my daughters attend St. Mary's and are thriving there. The teaching staff genuinely cares about the students and have set the standards high.  The environment is friendly and the entire student body interacts with one another in such a positive way.  Being a working mom I'm very particular about my children's care and daytime experience while I'm not with them.  At St. Mary's, I have the great assurance that they are learning, having fun, and truly being cared for.  It's the best decision I've made for them and for me."

~ Claudine Bianchi, Proud Parent