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The computer technology program at St. Mary’s is designed to support the development of strong and lasting technology skills.  St. Mary’s provides computer education to students in Pre-school (4 year old) through 5th Grade once a week in a computer lab setting. The lab is equipped with desktop computers for every student, printers (including a new 3D printer), and the school also has 2 carts of IPads for the students to utilize in the general classrooms and/or the lab.

In this weekly technology class, students will strengthen and enhance basic computer skills, and be exposed to ever emerging technology.  Some of the many areas we will cover in this class are the following: mouse and keyboarding skills; paint/draw programs; word processing; spreadsheets and graphing; slide presentations; multimedia; internet research and internet safety; coding and game programming; and 3D design and printing.

In addition, one of the most important goals of the computer technology program is to integrate the technology curriculum with the general classroom curriculum at every opportunity. Working with classroom teachers to ensure that students are applying their technological skills to other academic areas is a key element of this program.

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