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There are many opportunities for members of the St. Mary's school community to support the growth and development of the school. There is no "one size fits all" way for our school community to grow and prosper. We value the diverse set of skills that parents, caregivers, and alumni possess and we encourage involvement by all.

Parents can participate in many areas including (but not limited to): Teacher Support (room parents, recess duty, lunch duty), Fundraising (organizing and supporting fundraising activities large and small), helping to build enrollment demand (community outreach, marketing, PR), and by working on special projects driven by key growth areas for the school (Challenge each Child, Healthy Schools, Preschool integration and continuity).

A note about the Family Share program:
The St. Mary's Family Share Program provides an opportunity for each family to celebrate active involvement in and support of the school community and serves to defray a small part of the educational cost each year. By participating, each family provides a richer and more diverse educational experience for all students. Families who cannot, or choose not to participate in Family Share will be charged a $250 fee in absence of participation.

Each family is required to participate in 25 hours of Family Share activities per year to avoid the $250 fee.

A completed CORI for and training in Protecting God's Children,is mandatory for all volunteers. To inquire about these opportunities, please contact us 781-729-5515.

Parents' Association
The object of this Association is to build and maintain an active interest in St. Mary's School and to encourage cooperation between the parents and school personnel for the benefit of the students. All parents and guardians of children attending St. Mary's School are members of the Parents' Association.

The St. Mary's Parents' Association also conducts various fund-raising activities throughout the year, such as the Turkey Shoot, Haunted Happening, Silent Auction, and many others. These activities also provide substantial revenue for the school. Involvement and support of such activities is essential for their success. These activities also provide an excellent opportunity for children to witness the dedication and commitment of their parents to the mission of St. Mary's School.

The St. Mary's Parents' Association Officers can be contacted by emailing You can email the PTO using the Contact Form Below.

Further information may be obtained from the School Office at (781) 729-5515.

At St. Mary's School of Winchester, we are making an effort to reunite alumni, bring back memories, and rekindle long lost friendships by building an Alumni Association. The Alumni Association will serve four purposes:

  • Organize local social gatherings and school-wide reunions
  • Provide a professional network for all Alumni
  • Cooperate with fundraising efforts
  • Help us gather information about other alumni for the Alumni Newsletter

If you are an alumni of St. Mary's and haven't done so already, please contact us!

"Sending my daughter, Angelina, to Saint Mary's was the best decision I have ever made for my child." - Lana Frateva, Proud Parent

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