Hot Lunch Program

We are happy to have WT Café as our lunch provider.   WT Café is a healthy school lunch program, WT Café’s lunches never contain any tree nuts or peanuts, artificial colors or flavors or high fructose corn syrup. The link is: You can also email Ms. Petrulavage for more information using the contact form below


With the WT Cafe program:

  • All ordering is done and paid for online.
  • You can order up to a month in advance for as many days as you'd like.
  • You can place a rush order up to 7 a.m. for that day's lunch.
  • You can cancel your child’s lunch up to 7 am same day.
  • All food is nut free, and Wholesome Tummies can accommodate many other allergies as well (gluten, dairy, egg, etc.).
  • There are three meal sizes to choose from: small (appropriate for most preschool students), medium (appropriate for most elementary students), and large (appropriate for middle schoolers with healthy appetites, and adults).
  • The price includes the main meal AND one side (sides are typically fresh fruit, veggie sticks, or another yummy option). Prices are as follows (special diets, including gluten free items, may be extra):
    •   Small: $4.00
    •   Medium: $4.50
    •   Large: $5.50
  • You can add on a drink and/or dessert for an additional price. 
  • Ingredients are nutritious - and delicious!

Contact Pat Petrulavage Admissions Director

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