Art Program

The students have Art Class every Friday.  An outline of the program is below.  The "Art Gallery" is open for  families to come in and see all the wonderful works of art the children produce.  Please plan to come by for a viewing!

Grades K-2 are learning about basic shapes, lines and patterns used in all art work. They have designed an imaginary creature made up of all the shapes, lines and patterns we discussed.  We will be developing this theme through-out the year incorporating more of the basic elements of design.  This will help the children to appreciate the role art has in our every day life.  They will begin to these patterns, lines and shapes  at home, in objects, landscape and architecture.

Grades K-2 Works of Art

Grades 3-5 reviewed lines, shapes and patterns and are now working on texture.  They have incorporated "overlapping" to achieve foreground, middle and background in a nature collage using fresh pressed leaves from our community.  They are also discovering an awareness of line pressure, color and color mixing to bring depth to a drawing. The students will also be introduced to a different famous artist with each class so they can get a historical background of art, understand where the various techniques came from and develop an appreciation for art in general.

Grades 3-5 Works of Art