Alumni Stories

Parent Testimonial, Terese Bruzzese: “St. Mary’s School is a loving, nurturing, caring environment whose amazing teachers help our children excel academically, morally and spiritually. I wouldn’t send my children to any other school.” 

Alumni Testimonial: Matt Petrulavage
What did you like best about St. Mary's School?
Looking back, what meant most to me was two-fold: small class size and dedicated teachers.  Every single grade provided true personal attention along with educators that cared about each student's role in the group.  Every child was treated fairly and we all grew together in our educational development.
Why was St. Mary's School important in your academic career?
At the core of education is the idea that with each passing year, a student must be prepared enough for the following year, then the following year, etc.  Not only did St. Mary's grant me the skills to progress through each grade there fluidly, but it also made me well-equipped to handle all of the academic challenges that I faced beyond my time there, up to and including my college education.
Why is St. Mary's School important to you and your family?
I graduated from St. Mary's almost 20 years ago, and my family and I are still very much involved with the school and parish.  I know many people who, unfortunately, do not have much, if any, recollection of their elementary school days, let alone still having an active connection with it.  It is a true testament to the importance and endurance of any school if former students remain involved beyond their time enrolled, and I can say with conviction that the education I received and the faith that was instilled in me has meant an incredible amount to both myself and my family who supported me.
What would you tell people considering sending their child to St. Mary's School?
Deciding on where to send your child to school can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for any parent because you care about their education and their well-being.  With St. Mary's School and it's proven history that I am proudly a part of, you can have no doubts about it being a genuine community of study, care, and faith.
St. Mary's School prepared me well for my future because... 
it built the foundation for the proud person I am today.  After St. Mary's, I successfully progressed through middle school, high school, and four years of college.  I have been blessed to be able to pursue my passions, travel, volunteer for great causes, and befriend people from all different areas of the world.  I currently have my very own business and am excited to pursue many more fulfilling ambitions in the years ahead.  I am truly grateful for who I am today and where I am going, and all of this is possible because of where it all started - St. Mary's School in Winchester! 


Matthew Petrulavage
Owner | Plus One Productions - DJ Petro Entertainment
Music Producer & Live Event DJ/MC

Parent Testimonial, Claudine Bianchi:  A child's first experience at school can put into motion a lifelong love of learning.  Both my daughters attend St. Mary's and are thriving there. The teaching staff genuinely cares about the students and have set the standards high.  The environment is friendly and the entire student body interacts with one another in such a positive way.  Being a working mom I'm very particular about my children's care and daytime experience while I'm not with them.  At St. Mary's, I have the great assurance that they are learning, having fun, and truly being cared for.  It's the best decision I've made for them and for me.

Claudine Bianchi, Proud Parent,

Alumni Testimonial: Vincent Patturelli 

My favorite thing about St. Mary's was the sense of community. Our grade was like family and we've retained and fostered these friendships, even when we were separated for middle school, high school and college. We were so closely bonded together as a class and with our teachers and faculty and that sense of family will never leave us. Every time I see those friends or drive by the buildings, it's like coming home after a long break.


St. Mary's gave me a great foundation to build my education on. At a young age they taught me the lessons and skills necessary to succeed, not only in middle school and high school, but also in college. The biggest strength St. Mary's gave me was the ability to communicate well through writing. When I started Austin Prep, I had many reports and essays to write. While other students were struggling, I thrived because St. Mary's had reinforced our writing and communication skills so well.


At St. Mary's, I got a fantastic education; not just in books but in life. I was given the tools to succeed academically, but also as a good person and a good friend to my peers. We valued respect and compassion for others and it really helped reinforce the good values I learned at home. The friendships I made at St. Mary's will last forever because we learned how to make friends, but also how to be a good friend to others.


What would you tell people considering sending their child to St Marys School?


If parents are considering St. Mary’s School, I would say St. Mary’s School was the best part of my educational career and that the skills and bonds you make there will never leave you.  St. Mary’s School gives you the skills to succeed in school and life as a respectful, upright and well-rounded person.


St Mary's School prepared me well for my future because through everything school and life have thrown at me, I have been able to overcome the challenges. Through the amazing people I met there, I've been able to overcome every major obstacle in my life by relying on my friends and asking my mentors for advice. Through al the academic challenges, I've realized that the skills I learned at St. Mary's, and fine-tuned at Austin Prep, will carry me forward to reach new heights in my academic career.


Vincent Patturelli,